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FINISHED PROJECTS Reconstruction of the Riga Motor Museum and the adjacent Road Traffic Safety Directorate customer service center building

24 Mar, 2016

The reconstruction of the Riga Motor Museum building consisted of rebuilding of the existing museum building, to expand the museum’s exhibition area and to form space and exhibition arrangements according to up-to-date requirements, whilst maintaining historical form, functional design and structural architecture.

For the museum building Skonto Plan Ltd manufactured and assembled the aluminum glazed façade using SCHÜCO systems FW 50, 60+ skyline, windows, doors, as well as ventilated façades.

The Road Traffic Safety Directorate customer service center building is distinguished by a dynamically curved multi-faceted double façade on one side and a landscaped façade on the other side of the building. In order to achieve a functional connection with the adjacent Motor Museum building a glazed hallway was built on the 3rd level. The central element of the building is the five-storey high round shaped atrium with a special digitally printed skyline and a twisted, colorful and glazed tower with meeting rooms in the center of the space.

For the new building Skonto Plan Ltd manufactured and assembled a metal frame, a skyline using the SCHÜCO system 60+, windows and doors and a ventilated facade. This was built from an I-Beam metal frame (created using a 3D model) to which 542 differently sized triangular glass elements were secured using Spider mounts. 600 m2 of glass wall partitions were also manufactured and assembled.

The Riga Motor Museum has historically been considered to be the largest museum in the Baltics of its type and after the reconstruction it is also the most modern in Eastern Europe. The four upper floors of the new building are occupied by Road Traffic Safety Directorate administration, whilst the entrance level hosts a customer service zone.

Lot size: 16900 m2
Reconstructed building area: 7700 m2
New building area: 3000 m2

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